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Spirit of Gamer سماعة رأس لالعاب موديل ELITE-H30 - أسود
النوع: سلكي
الأتصال: 3.5 مم
متوافق مع: PC/PS4/ XBOX One
اللون: أسود

SSURED IMMERSION: The Elite-H30 is the helmet that will allow you to explore different worlds in a more than realistic game atmosphere.

Its 50mm speakers will bring you a dynamic sound field that will immerse you in the action. Its wired remote control will allow you to manage the volume without having to do it in the settings

DESIGN AND ERGONOMIC: Its adjustable headband, its integrated microphone, its leatherette cushions and the lightness of its hoop will allow you to fully appreciate your parts.

The Elite-H30 has a wired remote control that will allow you to manage the volume without having to do it in the settings. Its green LEDs will also illuminate your Gaming parties (NB: the USB socket is dedicated to LED light).
MULTIPLATFORM COMPATIBILITY: Tired of having to change your helmet every time you switch platforms? The Elite-H30 is compatible on various platforms.

With its dual Jack jack, you can play on PC, then switch to PS4 consoles, XBOX ONE, SWITCH using its multiplatform adapter Jack 3.5 m
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